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KP Sales is a family owned and operated business with over thirty years of sales experience. We are an estate sale and liquidation company passionate about creating the highest quality experience possible, both for our customers and our clients. We have a large customer following because of our lively and charismatic staff. KP Sales began in demolition sales in the 1980s and has since grown into conducting high-end estate and moving sales. KP Sales has the ability to sell everything from the fabulous to the mundane. Whether it is antique furniture, jewelry, art, or customized furniture we can sell it. KP Sales understands the pressures and stress of liquidating an estate or moving. Therefore, we do everything in our power to protect your home and belongings. We cater to your needs with our number one goal being to make this process as stress free and profitable for you, our client.


Who is KP Sales?

Meet Patty…aka The MOM…where do we start? Patty is the leader of the KP squad.  She keeps the team going throughout the year. Realistically, Patty never wants to see anyone sitting still. Her motto “talk to everyone that walks through the door, your a salesperson, always be selling.” Patty began as a Chicago Bond Trader in her early twenties and has since built up numerous family businesses. Anyone ever skate at the Lombard Roller Rink? Yes, thats her family that built the rink and the golf course across the street. In her thirties she started DEMOS. Conducting demolition sales in upscale suburban areas. She is also a founding partner at Platinum Partners Reality and of course owner of KP Sales. Patty can sell anything and everything. She specializes in selling high end jewelry and furniture. Patty makes KP Sales a one stop shop for liquidation needs and she loves to prove it!!

Meet Katie…aka The DAUGHTER…If Patty is the boisterous heart and soul, Katie is the preparation and the will of KP Sales. Since she was a child she has worked with her family. Standing on a milk crate behind the counter of the Roller rink collecting money and advancing to driving the truck that collected golf balls. (Patty never wants to see anyone sitting still, especially her children.) When the years of DEMOs came Katie learned to sell! She had no choice. Katie would spend every weekend with her mom at the sales. Finally, off to college or as Patty says “time for baby bird to leave the nest!” When she returned home educated and eager, not a second was wasted.  KP Sales was born! It was a natural fit for the mother-daughter team. With great personalities and years of sales experience the company quickly became a success. Katie’s motto “The better things look the more money you get.” Needless to say Katie is in charge of all setup, staging and displaying at KP Sales.


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