Appraisal and Pricing

How does KP Sales price everything? Great question!

Pricing correctly is extremely important to KP Sales and the success of any sale. Experience along with a knowledgeable team is key!

Patty has conducted sales for over 20 years and has sold everything from bathtubs and antique light fixtures to Rolex watches and designer clothes. Its fair to say she has learned a thing or two about pricing but more importantly she has learned what buyers are willing to pay!!

When the rare and unusual make an appearance KP is up for the challenge!

As KP Sales as expanded so has the network of experts that are involved with the sales process. KP may not know the price of the Ming Dynasty Porcelain Vase you inherited from your great grandmother or the unsigned oil painting found in the dark corner of the attic that you believe to be extremely valuable. But no need to worry! KP has built up a team of experts that include fine art and jewelry appraisers, antique shop owners, high-end boutique retailers, and of course the “Book Guy” to name a few. Kp Sales feels that pricing correctly is so important that when an expert is hired to appraise your items there is NO Charge to you!!

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